Saturday, November 01, 2008


Done for my photography class, we had to do something based around geisterphotografie (or ghost/spirit photography). I did a narrative about a girl who meets a ghost in her flat, and they go through something of a short (if not violent relationship), and it ends with her being possessed by the ghost. As it takes place at night, you can't be sure if this all happened in her subconscious.
I worked with multiple exposures, and combined with light painting, it took alot of experimenting to get the right effect. However, due to the nature of the photography, I had to shoot at a higher ISO, so the the quality suffered a bit.
Thanks to Julia for her modeling and Chris for assisting.

Video Fachkurs

Boxer Brief from Erika on Vimeo.

I took a video course during Winter semester of my Bauhaus days. It was a free art credit, and the theme we were given was 'Mumbo Jumbo'.
The first one is about what can go wrong when you buy furniture, the second, doesn't have THAT much to do with the theme, but it was more about me trying out stop motion than anything else. Thanks to the lovely Chris for his help with the technical side of things, Anna for her stellar acting, and Martin for his craazy piano skills.