Saturday, June 09, 2007

Screenprinting Part III

The top one I made for B-rice's birthday... The photo makes it look spotty for some reason (?) The second one was from a drawing that I did, then made into a print, for Mike's birthday. The third one is a shirt I made for Jordan, using a Rob Frost original drawing, and the last one is actually the first one I made this summer, for my older brother's birthday (modeled by Miles). I also drew right onto acetate which left no room for error...

I also reprinted some others for my Oma, but this is the first one I've done on my larger screen (which is turning out to be a bigger pain in the ass than I anticipated, especially when trying to rinse it in the bathtub...) We reprinted Bryce's and rinsed off the screen with a hose in the backyard, and that was ten times easier! Hopefully I'll figure out a better system for cleaning at home.

Typography 3 Project 2

For this project, we had to research the founding Futurist manifesto and look at other manifestos as well. We then chose one and created a layout that integrated the two, with legibility being of less importance. Getting little to no hints on what we were doing (just told us to do whatever we wanted, while having a hidden agenda...?), honestly, the most frustrating project I've ever done, but it turned out farily well in the end. Some other people used folds to put theirs together, but I opted to make a book, using the drillpress at York, which was pretty cool.

Typography 3 Project 1

This project was carried out over the whole semester and involved us choosing from a list of songs and then doing three different approaches to the lyrics. The song I did was "I Need to Wake Up" by Melissa Etheridge. I could describe the process behind this project, but it's a complicated one (and I also forget, and don't care anymore). We then had to create a chemise (package) for the layouts. I made two different ones, one out of paper and cardboard backing, the other out of wood for the exterior and a fabric chemise. It's hard to see, but there are three different types of paper. The second and third are the same colour, but the third is a coloured mylar...

Wife Drawing 06-07

Bad photos of drawings that I did this past school year at extra life...