Sunday, December 17, 2006

Communication Design 1 Project 3

So these are all a part of the last project regarding sweatshops, and this one is based on a mailer created for the elderly ("mature") crowd, using ethos. The idea is to get them to fill out the form and donate money, so I designed envelopes to go with the brochure as well (one to send to the person, the other to send the form back in). I made the images by scanning fabric and sewing supplies. I also scanned several images and then had them developed so make them look like actual photographs. The top one is the inside, the following is the back. The brochure folds three times and has 4 panels.

Communication Design 1 Project 2

These are layouts for the same issue, but this time it was done in the style of a New York Times magazine spread and was based on the principle of logos.

Communication Design 1 Project 1

So these are part of a project I did in Comm Des, where we chose a major issue and then basically worked with that issue throughout the semester (it was like an editorial type class). This project had three components within it, all based on a Now magazine insert, using the power of pathos. The first one was based simply on type (that one doesn't originally have the black outline, I just had to put it in so the top/bottom didn't fade into nothingness on screen), the second predominately images and the third was a combination of type and image.

Typography 2 Project 2

This is a handlettering project I did for type, in which we chose a small event and then had to create a mark and put it onto a little flyer type handout. Mine was Fiesta Week in Oshawa. I did the lettering, scanned it, fixed up the edges and whatnot and created the background using photoshop.